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Holiday Seasons Kicked off!!

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Menu1: Macaron Parisien $80/person Max.4

You can pick the flavor: Raspberry,Lemon, Matcha(Green tea), and Chocolate

*On Saturday,Nov. 18., 1:30p.m.

Left only for 1 people !

Menu2: Chocolat Banane $80/person Max.4

Jenoise sponge,Valrhona Manjari Creme,Banane Flambee &Noisette Caramelizee

*On Monday,Nov.13

Thank you very much for coming!!

*On Tuseday,Nov. 28 10a.m.to1:30p.m.

 Left for 2 people!

Menu3: Stollen  $80/person Max.4

Let's count down for Merry Christmas!

*On Saturday, Dec. 2 ., 1:30p.m.

Left for 2 people!

*On Tuseday.,Dec. 5., 10a.m.to1:30p.m.

Menu4: Gateau aux Fraises 

$80/person Max.4

Origin in Japan. Jenoise Sponge,Creme Chantilly&Fresh Strawberries

*On Sunday.,Dec. 3., 1:30p.m.

       Left for 2 people!

*On Sunday,Dec. 24., 10a.m.to1:30p.m.

Left for 3 people

Menu5: Roulee aux Fraisis  $80/person Max.4

Buche de Noel aux Fraises

Milkey Creme Chantilly& Fresh Strawberries

*On Monday,Dec. 4., 1:30p.m.


*On Saturday,Dec. 23., 10a.m.to1:30p.m.

Menu6: Galette des Rois $80/person Max.4

Learning quick easy recette for Pate Feuilletee.Who is the King or the Queen for 2024?Celebration with your love ones!

*On Saturday,Dec.9 1:30p.m.

*On Monday,Dec. 11 10a.m.to1:30p.m.

Menu7: Chausson aux Pommes

  $80/person Max.4

Pate Feuilletee Class Part.2 French Style Apple pie. Feuille means leaves in French.

*On Sunday,Dec.10 1:30p.m.

*On Tuseday,Dec.12 10a.m.to1:30p.m.

Only 1 more people!

Menu8: Noel 2023Candy Cane  $80/person Max.4

Buiscuit Jocond, Vanilla Mousse(depends on adds Peppermint flavor) & Raspberry Coulis

*On Tuseday,Dec.19 1:30p.m.

Menu9: Buche de Noel aux Pistaches  $80/person Max.4

Biscuit Joconde aux Pistaches, Raspberry Coulis, Mousse aux Pistaches

*On Saturday,Dec.16 10a.m. to 1:30p.m.

*On Monday,Dec.18 10a.m.to1:30p.m.


Menu10: Quiche Atlantic $80/person Max.4

Smoked Salmon,leek,dill, & Pate Brisee

*On Tueseday,December 26 10a.m.to1:30p.m

Sold out!

For any further questions,requests,& information,please email me.

Happy Memorable Seasons!!

Happy Memorable Holidays!!

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